Wellcome to Vertically Integrated Farms! In NYC, off-the-grid.

From the website Vertically Integrated Farms, Urban Farms.

Wholesale & Commercial Consulting

Restaurant Owners, We offer a doubtlessly organic, eco-friendly, omega-3 rich, fresh-beyond-belief delicious dinner of gourmet fish and just-picked exotic greens, all adorned with most delightful edible flowers ALL YEAR ROUND!

How do we provide a restaurant with the freshest fish & vegetables?  Locally and as close to onsite as possible. The Locavore Movement comes to you when your fish & veggies are grown within walking distance of your restaurant! We are also available to help building and/or run your own aquaponics system in your existing space. Some NYC restaurants are already growing their veggies on the premises.

Grocery Shop keepers: We are offering fresh locally grown gournet produce at competitive prices. We will bring it direcly from local farms to your stores. The list of products include fish, live or on-ice, meat, diary, produce and even superb quality coffee chocolate, roasted in small batches in NJ.

We offer a complete Aquabundance system, which is ready to be installed at home, office or school. We offer it with live fish, seedlings of basil and customer support.
Now you don’t need to buid your own system to discover Aquaponics…


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