Genetically Modified Food and Children’s Health

This article is reposted from Occupy Monsanto with permission. By Occupy Monsanto | June 9, 2012 | Food Safety, GMO, Health, Herbicides, HFCS, Nutrition, Pesticides, Round Up, Sustainability Genetically modified food and Genetically modified organisms are making their way from field to the grocery store to our tables. GM foods are made from genetically modified […]

Keep Monsanto OUT of Your Veggie Patch

The following is a repost that we felt was very timely as many of  us are starting our spring gardens seedlings and for the most part, people just purchase seeds at the place that is the most convenient.  We suggest that may not be the best idea any longer. Please consider supporting local, independent garden […]

The Drought in South East Texas

For the past two years we have been experiencing an extreme drought in Texas, according to the National Weather Service, the worst in over 50 years.  Here at the collective Hurricane Ike, in Sept 2008, was the third costliest Hurricane to have ever hit the United States and came straight over our little farm, leaving […]

New Site addition for pages

Namaste, we appreciate your visit. For your convenience we have added a pages listing on the bottom left side of the page. Just click on the listing Home and a drop down menu will display all of our pages and subpages. We sincerely hope this makes it easier to navigate the site as it is […]

National Call for Action – From our Friends in France.

We received this post from our dear friend Marianna Fodor,  a member and dear friend that lives in France. She requested that we share it as she lives in an area that lack of DSL service makes it extremely difficult to post images or long posts here. We deeply appreciate her diligence and her help […]

Journal Writing Is A Voyage To The Interior

The following is a repost from on of my very favorite people on the internet. She is an inspiration and a blessing. I have known her on the internet for what seems forever and at least a decade in reality. She constantly reminds me of the true importance of being who we are and it […]

A message to our visitors and friends

Greetings, we have a small request. Please consider joining our little site. We are currently working on our 501c Status and could use as many members as possible to show interest in what we are attempting to do. If you are an activist we have a number of pages and groups that may be of […]

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Festival Kokopelli PachaMama


This information was forwarded to us by our very dear friend Marianna Fodor from Facebook. A truly committed activist and gentle soul. A lightworker extraordinaire. She sent us the english language post as an act of kindness. The link to the entire page in several languages is as follows: Please consider visiting the site […]

Minimalism and Sacred Spaces

Minimalism and Sacred Spaces Written by meg on January 10, 2012   Sacred spaces are not exclusively places of worship, but they are places where we are more keenly aware of an existence outside the mundane, the temporal, the profane. They can be found in nature and in manmade structures, and surely they can be […]

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